• We would like to welcome you to Octo Actuators GmbH, the world’s leading supplier of ultra-flat drive technology for slatted bases, upholstered and BoxSpring beds, as well as motor-adjustable drive systems for mattresses (E-Motion) and upholstered furniture.
  • Everything “made in Germany”.
  • Our mission is to develop drive systems that provide the greatest possible benefit to our customers.
  • Our engine: passion for innovation. And has been for over four decades.
  • Always one idea ahead.

Center of our activities

Eckhart Dewert laid the foundation for our success in the early 1980s. At that time, he developed the first drive systems for treatment couches. 

Only a few years later, he developed his first patented double drive for the furniture industry (undersuspension).

Today, this still represents the basis for the entire industry.

The developments were intensified in the following years and led to the introduction of the Move drive series on the market in 2011.

This was also the foundation stone for the bundling of all activities of the group of companies at today’s modern location in Grünsfeld, in Baden-Württemberg.

Interzum 2023

OCTO Actuators will once again present globally unique actuator solutions for the furniture, upholstery and bedding industry at Interzum 2023. Let us inspire you.

World firsts include the neck adjustment (motorized and mechanical) for our OctoBox systems, the SINUS control for our PriMove series, the ultimate sMotion concept for indoor and outdoor, the LegSpacer option for OctoFlex and many other interesting new options.

We would like to thank all 500 customers who visited our booth.

  • XS Drive

    The XS-MART system stands for the digital expansion of all drive systems and improves the performance of all drive systems through more power and speed.

  • More Power

    OctoBox (the original) significantly increases the system performance thanks to the XS technology and starts with 200KG (2x 10000N) in the Classic version up to 350KG (2x 14000N) in the Red version.

  • eMotion

    Cookie & toGo bring new possibilities for the ultra-flat drive system eMotion in the product design of mattresses, sofas and outdoor reclining furniture. There are no limits to the design.