Interzum 2023, after the Corona pandemic, the Cologne fair opens the doors to the national and international audience and we are very pleased to present our new products to our customers…..

XS Drive is the extension of the SMART Drive. With the introduction of the XS Drive in 2023, all drive systems will gain a further significant technological edge. The XS Drive concept provides all products with noticeable increases in system power and speed.

We show our eMotion 3.1 (123) with the new “Cookie” module, which can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes at low cost. The range of applications is wide (sleeping, sofa, reclining). Another milestone is the eMotion 123 module concept, which opens up a wide range of sales opportunities in the bed and sofa sectors. All beds with storage space (canapé) are ideally suited for this.

PriMove 4M is unique as a four-motor ultra-flat system. There is no other four-motor drive system in the world that can offer elegance and application compatibility as well as ease of installation like this. The PriMove product family gets a new control technology SINUS and bundles with exclusive ease of use all the advantages of the well-known control Sono up to S-Synchro and SMART APP.

In OCTOBOX OB05 two solutions are presented for the adjustment of the neck zone, where the neck zone is very large proportioned mechanically and also motorized. This system can be easily transferred to any bed concept with OB05. The design is uniform throughout. An excellent complement are our new SPEX Professional hinges. Ultra flat and extremely resilient!

“NATURAL” at OCTO Actuators is the ecological answer to the possibilities of using sustainable and ecological materials. Natural granules greatly improve the reuse of the raw materials used. For example, all Natural plastics can be 100% reused in other applications in this class of materials, as we do not use color pigments at all (recycling). Natural has been our answer to environmental responsibility today and in the future since 2019. In addition, we have initiated and implemented further CO2 neutrality measures at our main site in Germany. As of 2023, we are a CO2 neutral certified company.

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