We have already gone one step further since 2019. Natural granulate improves the reuse of the raw materials used enormously. Natural is our answer to the responsibility towards the environment today and in the future.

In addition, we have initiated and implemented further CO2 neutrality measures at our main site in Germany.

As of 2023, we are a CO2 neutral certified company.

OCTO Actuators’ drive technologies already offer a number of advantages over conventional dual motors with an additional metal fitting.

Especially due to the flat and space-saving design and the materials used, we already contribute to a good ecological balance today. Natural goes one step further and improves the reuse of the raw materials used enormously.

This means that all plastic parts of the powertrain can be 100% reused in other applications of this material class, as we do not use any color pigments at all. The technical characteristics of this material are similar to those of the materials already in use today, so all product properties are retained. In addition, however, we are taking ecological responsibility into account.