Upholstered bed

As a JUMBO variant, OB05 in combination with classic spring slats (slatted frame) offers the perfect symbiosis of system power and lying comfort when it comes to modern upholstered bed applications that require particularly high power.

Effortlessly adjust bed systems with heavy mattresses of all kinds.

OB05 is the only “one part” drive concept worldwide that is suitable for multiple applications. All types of bed constructions in all common lengths and widths can be designed with OB as a platform drive system in a space-saving way.

The OB05 drive system guarantees quick assembly and can be efficiently installed on all standard wooden and metal box spring beds between 70 and 100 cm wide and from 1.80 m to 2.20 m long.

Areas of application

  • Adjustable slatted base.
  • Adjustable upholstered bed systems
  • Adjustable beds with bed base function and with side bed base opening


  • Neck fitting (Synchro-Drive)
  • SMART Memory Control
  • Radio and cable remote control

Special Advantages

Within a basic design (platform), all variants of the OB05 can be used selectively and without design changes (Classic, Black, Red).