Primove 2/3/4M

Our four-motor PriMove variant opens up maximum individual adjustment options, unique comfort and elegant design for the user.

The use of metal fittings was completely dispensed with.

An extremely low system height and the continuous 64 mm bolt grid give you design scope for individual application options and allow all common spring elements to be accommodated.

The total of 7 zones of the back and foot sections can be adjusted almost silently and continuously by means of four powerful motors. In addition, an integrated lumbar support provides noticeable relief for the spine.

Areas of application

  • Adjustable slats (flat) with spring slats or dissolved surface (plate)
  • Continental adjustable bed systems
  • Adjustable beds with bed base function and with side bed base opening


  • SMART APP Control
  • SINUS2 RF APP Memory Control
  • 3-motor variant (head or foot)
  • Radio and cable remote control

Special Advantages

A mechanical emergency lowering device is integrated as standard.

The foot area is free-floating.

The system does not require metal fittings and offers a lot of design freedom in the field of modern slats.