OCTO Box OB05 convinces with a unique system force of 250 to 350 kg, due to the flat and compact design of only 10.5 cm and two whisper-quiet motors.

The OB05 system was specially developed for sophisticated box spring bed systems. The “one part concept” replaces any fittings and also allows the use of the storage space under the bed (storage and canap√© function).

The optional ultra-flat motorized adjustment of the back and neck section offers the possibility of continuously adjusting the neck zone to the desired position in any position, independently of the back zone.

The OB05 drive system guarantees quick assembly and can be installed effciently on all standard wooden and metal box spring beds between 70 and 100 cm wide and from 1.80 m to 2.20 m long.

OB05 is the only “one part” drive concept worldwide that is suitable for multiple applications. All types of bed constructions in all common lengths and widths can be designed with OB as a platform drive system in a space-saving way.