The eMotion 2M drive technology is based on a dual-motor OCTO drive system for adjusting the back and foot area and can be fully integrated into a mattress.

The system requires no metal fittings and, with a system height of just 65 mm, offers plenty of design freedom for completely invisible integration within the mattress.

As a further variant, OCTO offers a single-motor drive technology that can also be fully integrated into the mattress.

The eMotion drive technology can be configured for different applications in width and length. The TDS and TDS+ variants consist of additional wooden elements and add-on parts (skids).

The “Cookie” is the basis for the contour and design of the adjustable eMotion TDS+ drive unit for integrating the module into any reclining or seating furniture. The overall height of the “Cookie” is approximately 7.5 cm.

There are practically no limits to the creative scope in terms of shape and design. Even organic shapes can be constructed adjustably.

The eMotion 1M/2M can be completely folded for shipping in the carton.